buck1 [buk]
[ME bukke < OE bucca, male goat < IE base * bhuĝo- > Ger bock, Du bok, Ir boc ]
1. pl. bucks or buck a male deer, antelope, goat, rabbit, etc.: see DOE
2. the act of bucking
b) [pl.] casual oxford shoes, originally of buckskin, now usually of light-colored suede, nubuck, etc.
4. Informal a young man, esp. one who is bold, lively, vigorous, etc.: sometimes a contemptuous or patronizing term as applied to a young black or North American Indian man
5. Archaic a fop or dandy
1. to rear upward quickly and descend with the back arched and forelegs stiff, as in an attempt to throw off a rider: said of a horse, mule, etc.
2. to plunge forward with lowered head, as a goat
3. Informal to resist something as if plunging against it
4. Informal to move jerkily: said as of a car
1. to dislodge or throw by bucking
2. Informal to resist stubbornly
1. male
2. of the lowest military rating [buck private, buck sergeant]
☆ buck for
Slang to work eagerly or too eagerly for (a promotion, etc.)
☆ buck up
Informal to cheer up
buck2 [buk]
1. Now Rare a sawbuck; sawhorse
2. a small gymnastics horse used especially for training
☆ buck3 [buk ]
[< ? BUCKSKIN, used as a medium of exchange]
1. Poker Historical a counter placed before a player as a reminder to deal next, etc.
2. Slang a dollar
pass the buck
Informal to evade blame or responsibility by trying to pass it to someone else

English World dictionary. . 2014.

(of the deer, sheep, goat, rabbit, and hare) / , , , , , , , / , ,

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